About us

Road Records is a recording company focused on professional audio and video.

As a highly qualified team of technicians with large working experience on the audiovisual world, we provide a mobile recording equipment which allows us to work ANYWHERE.

Our main goal is to offer an affordable price product with a professional studio quality, without having the drawback of renting a professional studio or moving there in order to record your songs. At the same time, we record the live performance on video while recording the audio tracks, getting a videoclip of your performances and offering together a complete audiovisual product of unsurpassable quality.

And we offer that same studio quality in any live concert.

RoadRecords goes wherever you are, and not the other way around.

And, as if this were not enough, apart of the recording, mixing, post-production and audiovisual mastering, we also offer services of musical production, audiovisual lay out and design, instruments and backline renting, photography…

In short, EVERY service necessary for developing your artistic product,
from the begining to the end of the whole process.

Wherever you want!