Mobile Studio

Mobile Recording Studio

Our mobile recording studio allows us to obtain a professional sound anywhere. We are focused on satisfying the necessities of any band without having them driving miles away to a record studio.

Our studio is made up of:

  • Professional equipment
  • Variable acoustic systems
  • Backline of instruments
  • Musical production

From your rehearsal studio to your living room!

Rehearsal studio Recordings

We drive our equipment to your rehearsal studio. With out mobile recording studio we can drive anywhere and make the recordings there. We prepare our acoustic and sound systems to change your rehearsal studio acoustics in order to obtain the best recording sound possible.

Furthermore, we have our own backline on demand for our clients, in order to obtain an unique sound:

DSC_0053DSC_0046 copyDSC_0050


Home Recordings

We drive ANYWHERE in order to make your musical project dreams come true. With our equipment and acoustic systems we can transform ANY PLACE in a recording cabin.

    DSC_0039 copy